Get Glamorous with Us!

Have you been aching to look like the glamorous vintage lady you know you are? Well, we a couple a look we’ve styled to give you an idea how to pair some of our accessories together.

A daytime look

Click here for earrings and click here for the necklace

This look is for the sort of lady who wants to stun while out shopping, on a ride about town, or out for a luncheon.

How to style this look

Hair: Our model, Sweets, has a simple hairstyle that includes combing her hair all the way to one side, and and using a mesh, bun hair ring in place of hair teasing for a faux beehive. For a guide to this quick and easy beehive-inspired hairstyle, check out this link. If you want to see a formally done beehive, watch this video.

Jewelry:  We’ve styled Sweets in some vintage white cluster earrings and a similarly colored vintage multi-strand beaded necklace. We feel daytime jewelry should be striking, but not necessarily overly shiny. We suggest you leave rhinestone jewelry for night time looks.

Eyewear: Opt for a striking pair of cat eye sunglasses. If you have a large face, make sure you get a wide-framed pair. Large Jackie O.-inspired sunglasses are also highly suggested to those with round or heart-shaped faces.

Makeup: We suggest a bold red lip. Always.

Ok, so how about your purse?


There are many options you can go with for a daytime purse, but we decided to pair it our vintage Classy USA bucket purse. We think it has a great silhouette for completing the look, and it’s built-in mirror is ideal for touch ups!


We hope we’ve been able to inspire you a bit with this post. Until next time!


Photography and Post by: Michi Rezin

Model: Sweets of

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