TV Shows for Time Travel – the 1920s

Want to be transported to the ’20s via your nightly viewings? Then have a look at this list of shows.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Fledgling detective Phryne Fisher is known for her sharp wit and pearl-handled pistol, which she uses to fight injustice in Melbourne during the 1920s. The glamorous sleuth makes her way through the city’s alleyways and jazz clubs while she fights crime. She fights for justice of those who are most vulnerable.

Michi’s thoughts: Ok, I personally couldn’t stand how “costumey” and modern this how felt. But I do know a fair amount of ladies who enjoy the silliness of it, so check it out!

Z: The Beginning of Everything

Z is a biography series based on the life of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, the southern belle turned flapper icon in the wild Jazz Age of the ’20s. Starring Christina Ricci as Zelda Fitzgerald, the show starts before she meets the unpublished writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. The series travels through their wild parties, substance abuse, as well as the struggles of their turbulent love affair and illnesses.

Michi’s thoughts: Zelda’s real life story is rather fascinating, and I hope this show has done it at least a bit of justice. I haven’t gotten to viewing it, but hope to soon.

Boardwalk Empire

This show is based in Atlantic City, during the beginning of Prohibition. The man who runs things — legally and otherwise — is the town’s treasurer, Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, who is equal parts politician and gangster. With his brother Elias, Atlantic City’s sheriff, and a crew of ward bosses and local tough guys, Nucky gains a reputation as the man to see for illegal alcohol. He does business with all the top gangsters — Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, “Big Jim” Colosimo — and he does it well … until a former protégé takes matters into his own hands. 

Michi’s thoughts: I didn’t get too into this show, but it seems interesting enough. Give it a try!


Cable Girls (original title: Las Chicas del Cable)

A production from Spain, this is the story of four women from different backgrounds newly hired as operators for a phone company. The story follows the struggles of each woman in search of independence from the constrains of society.

This show is subtitled, don’t worry. 😉

Michi’s thoughts: I originally hated this show for it’s use of modern music in its soundtrack (and some of the costuming was rather questionable). However, the story was interesting enough for me to keep on watching. 


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