She’s in Parties Vintage offers one of a kind, handpicked pieces – each individually inspected, professionally cleaned and mended. She’s in Parties is based in Brooklyn, New York.


Lily, founder of She’s in Parties ~

lilyLily’s love for vintage began at an early age. Growing up amongst fashionable ladies in her family, she quickly learned to appreciate fashion of by gone eras and understood the importance of beautiful self-expression. Naturally, this led to an education in fashion, specifically in marketing and merchandising.

Lily’s desire for a vintage shop traces back to her teenage years. As a goth in New Jersey, she often found herself getting creative with her clothing, which often meant mixing modern and vintage styles in order to achieve her desired look. She soon took note of her preference for the vintage era garments over anything current. As time went on, she realized her love for vintage ran deeper than she thought and the seeds of She’s in Parties were then planted.

IMG_0974Michi is SIP’s artistic director and product photographer ~

Originally from San Francisco, California, Michi is an interdisciplinary artist. Always an independent thinker, Michi’s history with unique self-expression goes as far back as her first spoken words. A life long artist, Michi’s achievements in art and foreign languages began in her pre-teens, and continued to develop further, leading to her to earning her BFA in Advertising Photography as well as receiving education in Illustration. She now works as both a product photographer and fashion illustrator. Her personal work may be viewed at michirezin.com.

Michi handles SIP’s artistic needs which consists of graphic design, social media, and product photography. Her obsessions include dark vintage glamour, ’80s retro futurism, art deco, old architecture, wine, & tea.


Together Lily and Michi work hard to bring you the beautiful world of She’s in Parties. A place where glamorous ladies who love to draw inspiration from older eras can shop for their next gala/party/festival/ bold everyday wear accessories.