TV shows for time travel – The 1940s

There are obviously many films which could take you back in time to the actual era itself, but how about some fun modern shows taking place in your era of choice?

Every few weeks, we’ll bring you a guide to shows to watch per decade. The first of this series of posts will be dedicated to the 1940s.

Most of these shows somehow involve WWII (how could you ignore such a catestrophic event when making a show?).  So please keep this in mind with regard to shows focusing on this era.

Now, enter your time travel machine and turn the dial to 1940 !

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Featured listings for the month of May !

We’ve listed many new vintage items to the shop this week! With so many new, great pieces to offer, we’ve decided to make a short list of some of our favorite items for this week.

Drum roll please…

On model shots-705

First we have this stunner. This vintage ’60s woven hat is ready for the taking! With warmer days approaching it’s due time you consider your accessories. Dress it up, or use it as a statement piece (a very strikingly beautiful one at that). Either way, this hat is sure to turn heads.


Next up is this vintage 1960s Morris Moskowitz navy blue patent leather handbag. This bag is sure to sleek up your ensemble! Pair it with an all-black or all-white ensemble – whatever you prefer, just make sure it’s sharp! This handbag can do with no less.

On model shots-648Last but certainly not least,  one of our new jewelry listings is this beautiful vintage rhinestone necklace.  With its lovely double-stranded effect this elegant piece presents a stunning accent. It also works well as a head piece when paired with a few bobby pins!

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Fantastic vintage fashion and accessories for spring (and summer)!


Have you been in search of some lovely, spring-themed, vintage goods this season?

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